Online Resources for Conference Interpreter Training

From Instruction to Collaboration: video archive

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The conference proceedings were live-streamed. To view the streaming archive for each presentation please use the links below.


Day 1, Thursday 22 September

Transition from apprenticeship to profession: stakeholders’ contribution

Fernando Leitão, DG SCIC, European Commission

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Technology-enhanced interpreter training: pedagogical value and applications

Interpreter corpora and interpreter training

Guy Aston, University of Bologna, Italy

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Using comparable corpora for interpreters’ terminology preparation

Xu Ran, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, China

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Adding diversity, interactivity, and flexibility to interpreter training through a 3-D virtual environment: ÇEV-VİR Project

Șeyda Eraslan, Dokuz Eylül University, Izmir, Turkey

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Training conference interpreters online: vision or illusion?

Keynote speaker: Kilian Seeber, University of Geneva, Switzerland

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Digital tools and community of practice

An innovative platform for remote simultaneous interpretation, Catalava.com

Yannis Haratsis, Greece

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INTERPRETIME BANK: an online practice community for professional interpreters

Lia Giralt Paradell & Aline Casanova Ochoa, InterpretimeBank, Spain

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A dictionary app: a practical tool for trainees and professional interpreters

Anne Wehrheim, Glossima-Wehrheim, Greece

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Day 2, Friday 23 September


Technology-led developments and challenges for users

Alison Graves, DG INTE, European Parliament

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OERs, blended learning, complementarity

Using OERs to support the teaching of the fundamentals of conference interpreting

Michelle Hof, AIIC, Spain

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Blended learning and interpreter training: Ljubljana meets Astrakhan

Vojko Gorjanc, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, & Olga Egorova, Astrakhan State University, Russian Federation

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Blended learning in interpreter training: learner autonomy and curriculum design

Marina Pappa, Ionian University, Greece

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Pedagogy, design and product: the ORCIT project as an open educational resource

The pedagogy of online interpreter training resources

Matthew Perret, University of Leeds, UK

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Building effective online resources in the age of MOOCs

Dragoș Ciobanu, University of Leeds, UK

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Creating multilingual versions of elearning content

Tamara Muroiwa, University of Leeds, UK

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Autonomous learning, complementarity and enhanced learning experience

Responding to the European refugee crisis: a Rapid Response Module for training humanitarian interpreters

Barbara Delahayes, Joshua Goldsmith, Emmanuela Sebastiani, University of Geneva, InZone, Switzerland

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Community interpreting training in Greece: an overview

Fotini Apostolou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

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Differences and similarities between telephone and videoconference interpreting: foundations for training

María Magdalena Fernández Pérez & Carmen Toledano Buendía, Universidad de La Laguna, Spain

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Bringing radio interpreting to the classroom: an action research approach

Pedro Jesús Castillo Ortiz, Heriot-Watt University, UK

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Community of practice

OERs and practice opportunities in interpreter training

Eleni Athanasatou & Eleni Oikonomou, Glossologia Professional Linguistic Studies, Greece

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The pedagogical value of interpreting practice groups

Federica Mamini, Conference interpreter, Belgium

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Challenges: quality and impact

Challenges in assessing quality and measuring impact of OERs

Svetlana Carsten, University of Leeds, UK, & Nijolė Maskaliūnienė, University of Vilnius, Lithuania

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Open discussion & conclusions

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