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From instruction to collaboration – ORCIT conference 2016

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A dedicated international conference under the aegis of ORCIT and Aristotle University took place in Thessaloniki on 22-23 September 2016. The two main themes of the conference were Technology-Enhanced Interpreter Training and Collaborative learning.

The conference brought together interpreter trainers with an interest in technology-enhanced learning, professionals and professional bodies, stakeholders, representatives from the interpreter-training industry and students. Over 80 delegates listened to a wide variety of presentations on the subject of collaborative and blended learning, complementarity in training through technology, recent developments in relevant applications and training platforms, the effective use of local practice groups and more. In the course of the conference, views on the use of technology were exchanged and best practices demonstrated. The organisers hope that the delegates’ learning and teaching experiences were enriched by the variety of subjects presented at the conference.

The morning of 22 September was dedicated to a student workshop exploring the use of online resources in the classroom, including interpreting exercises, role-plays, and a session localising an ORCIT module into students’ mother tongues.

The live streaming archive and further details of the themes and can be accessed via the menu to the right.